Collection: How Layla Skin was born

LAYLASKIN is a skincare designed with the heart and formulated with skill.

The first LAYLA skincare, had to be special.

We have not left out anything.

LAYLASKIN satisfies all the senses and its nature full of active and niosomes makes it a faithful ally for your skin.

To explain the essence of LAYLASKIN I should tell you about the hundreds of tests, the tests done on the active ingredients, the study of the right fragrance, the morning tests to create the perfect rituals for you… for you.

When we started designing LAYLASKIN I only had one thing clear in mind. It had to be a line that would take care of my skin and that of all the people who would choose it.

I think I made it!

Now it's your turn, enjoy the results and feel your skin reborn.

A great emotion, a great skincare…. LAYLASKIN!

At the start of the project, another key concept was to take the formulation of some key products from cream to stick. A bet (won) on the formulation side that made our formulator go crazy but today we can say that it was worth it.

The tests showed that the moisturizing action of a stick cream is + 19% in 14 days while the average moisturizing action of a normal cream varies from 5% to 10%.

Here is the magic of our sticks (EYE LUMEN, EYE DRENUM, MAESTADE). Niosomes are the backbone of the benefits you will have using LAYLASKIN.

What are niosomes?

Are there liposomes? Here the niosomes are vesicles like liposomes but more elastic capable of

to bend over themselves, assuming reduced dimensions. In this way they manage to fit into the

skin and reach the endodermis and it is there that they release the active. In addition to the niosomes in LAYLASKIN you will be able to take advantage of famous and exceptional active ingredients such as GRANACTIVE RETINOID®, VOLUFILINE ™, CAFEISILANE ™ and many many others!

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