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Niosomes are extraordinary vectors for conducting the active ingredients directly into the dermis by easily and effectively crossing the epidermis.

While the role of the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin) is mainly protective, it is the dermis that guarantees elasticity, strength and flexibility to the skin.

In the dermis we find our reserves of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, all essential components for maintaining skin tone, hydration and volume.

It is in the dermis that the active ingredients must act in order to concretely improve the supply of collagen and consequently the health of our skin.

The niosomes present in all LaylaSkin products have this super power. They easily cross the epidermis by projecting directly into the dermis.


Niosomes are double-layered hydrophobic vesicles, capable of containing the active ingredients within them.

They have a high dermal penetration capacity thanks to their elastic nature (unlike normal liposomes).

The niosomes manage to fold and cross the epidermis wall, reaching directly to the dermis.

Once in the dermis, they release the active ingredients present in the vesicles which will be distributed perfectly guaranteeing fast and lasting results.

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