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Eye Drenum

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Eye Drenum

Eye contour stick that awakens the gaze, counteracting the formation of bags and swelling. Based on DIOSMINE, FORSKOLINA and OSMOTIC DRAIN NATURAL COMPLEX.

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anti-wrinkle blue light protection firming fragrance free genederless hydrating illuminating nourishing soothing suitable for pregnant women suitable for sensitive skin treatment Draining
Eye Drenum guarantees a more rested and deeply hydrated eye contour, also thanks to the EYLIDE niosome based on hyaluronic tetrapeptides. HI-TECH vegan collagen acts as a stimulant of collagen production by firming the eye contour, reducing wrinkles and improving skin brightness. Fragrance-free, EYE DRENUM acts in parallel on two fronts, deflates the eye contour and in the meantime hydrates and firms the skin. 98% natural.
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How to use

It works because it contains

  • NIO EYLIDE NIOSOMA: Based on Diosmin, Forskolin and Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide, it is a trivalent antibag. Eylide is a complex of anti-burst active ingredients encapsulated in elastic niosomal vesicles. The anti bags complex contains 3 active molecules that work in synergy: DIOSMINA natural molecule present in citrus fruits. It is a bioflavonoid. Reduces eye contour edema. FORSKOLINA also known as COLEUS, helps rebalance dry skin by absorbing water and substances useful for skin hydration. PALMITOYL TETRAPEPTIDE-7 improves the appearance of the skin by restoring its elasticity
  • OSMOTIC DRAIN NATURAL COMPLEX: Active with action to reduce bags and dark circles and for the treatment of wrinkles and crow& 39;s feet. The first active based on Osmos, a new concept of biomimicry. It is enriched with the protective molecules of the incredible Ayurvedic Terminalia Arjuna tree. Osmotic Drain Natural Complex is dedicated to the rejuvenation of the eye area, giving the skin a fresher and less stressed appearance. It also acts as a vasoconstructor and stimulates microcirculation thus reducing the formation of bags and dark circles
  • HI-TECH VEGAN COLLAGEN: Type I collagen fragment produced by wild plants. Acts as a building block for collagen synthesis. It acts as a constructive and stimulating element for collagen synthesis and firms the dermis, preventing ageing. Reveals a synergistic effect in wrinkle reduction, lifting effect and improvement of skin radiance. This vegan collagen is a fragment of type I collagen produced in wild plants with sustainable technology
  • BIOAVAILABLE VITAMIN C: Liposomal Vitamin C is designed to improve bioavailability. Slows down tissue oxidation while contributing to collagen formation. Its liposomal form makes it immediately available to the dermis. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is as precious for our body as it is for our skin. Contrasts the signs of aging and stimulates the natural synthesis of collagen with firming and redensifying effects. Bioavailable vitamin C protects the skin from aging by blocking enzymes that degrade collagen. It also has a great anti-oxidant function therefore it plays an important role in PRO-AGE activity and guarantees brightness and protection for the skin by protecting the microcirculation
  • VITAMIN E: Softens the skin and prevents wrinkles. Powerful antioxidant, it allows to regenerate the skin. The term Vitamin E is used to indicate a group of anti-oxidant molecules including alpha tocopherol. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and acts as: anti-oxidant - dampening free radicals, skin protection, moisturizing - improving fine lines, anti-inflammatory - modulates the release of cytokines, responsible for inflammation
  • BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION* *: Protection from pollution and blue light. Oily extract of rice and soy. 100% natural active ingredient capable of protecting the skin from immunosuppression induced by UVA radiation by counteracting skin photoaging and promoting the production of HSP (Heat Shock Proteins) whose task is to recognize, stabilize and metabolise damaged proteins and carry out a protective and revitalizing osmo action on the skin.

Recommendations for use

  • PRO : - Easy and hygienic application thanks to its stick formulation - Zero waste - Your eye contour will immediately appear more hydrated and compact - The draining action will be visible 10 minutes after application - Fragrance free * * AGAINST : I don& 39;t even find any to force myself
  • BABA RECOMMENDS : - TIP 1: alternate the use of EYE DRENUM and EYE LUMEN for an extraordinary synergistic action. - TIP 2: when I have half an hour free, I apply a large amount of EYE DRENUM around the eyes as if it were a mask. After at least 30 minutes, massage the excess product. You will see what results. TRIAL!


    Tripelargonin, Ethylhexyl Pelargonate, Heliatus annuus seed wax, polyglyceryl-3 diisostearate, dosmina, coleus forskolhii root extract, palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, polyglycerly-10 laurato, polyglycery-4 caprate, flashes oleate, aqua). -40 SH-POLYPEPTIDE-47, TOCOPHERYL ACETATE, ASCORBYL TETRAISOPALMITATE, PENTYLENE GLYCOL, GLYCINE SOJA OIL, ORYZA SATIVA GERM EXTRACT, ORYZA SATIVA EXTRACT, OLEIC ACID, LECITHIN, SILICA. PAO: 12M

Guaranteed results

Environmental labeling

  • Box and leaflet : PAP22 PAPER
  • Cap and bottle : 7 PLASTIC
  • SEPARATE COLLECTION : Check the provisions of your municipality

How to use

Application method
After cleansing your face with VITA MEA, PRO SKIN TONER and / or SKIN OFF, apply EYE DRENUM to the lower eye contour area. Pass the stick along the cheekbone line 3/4 times starting from the inside out. Gently massage in the same direction of application and with more pressure at the bridge of the nose.
When to use
EYE DRENUM can be used in the morning as a draining action and in the evening to prevent swelling. The synergistic action with EYE LUMEN is exceptional.
We have always been looking for an eye contour product that leaves us feeling hydrated and nourished all day long even after make-up. The eye area will no longer be your weak point.

Guaranteed results

Anti-pouch effect
- Ability to reduce the decay of skin elasticity: 70% - Reduction of vasodilation mediated by diosmin: 30% - Increase in the release of fat from adipocytes: 75% * * IN VIVO TEST
Anti-wrinkle effect *
- Increased microcirculation in the eye area: 150% - Reduction of swelling around the eyes: 92% * Test on 24 volunteers after 28 days of use
Moisturizing and illuminating effect * * * - Increased skin brightness: 25% - Increased hydration: 20% * Test on 20 volunteers after 28 days of use
Anti-blue light effect *
- Reduction of hyperpigmentation due to the grape component of sun rays: 60 % - Reduction of skin stress caused by radiation: 77% * Test on 30 volunteers after 28 days of use

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Buon prodotto

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Grazie di cuore

Patrizia Bertuzzi
Eye drenum

Prodotto ottimo ,buono il dispenser a Stick ,spero si possa utilizzare il prodotto fino alla fine

Grazie di cuore, è bellissimo leggere le tue parole!

Ezia Petrini

Prodotto magico da quando lo uso ho il contorno occhi super idratato il make up dira molto di più steaconsiglio e poi il pack. È ottimo

Ci fa immenso piacere, grazie di cuore.

Mai più senza

Io spero che questo contorno occhi a stik non lo toglierete mai dalla produzione, è il top per me, considerando altri marchi sul mercato....., comunque spero anche che i vostri prodotti intento anche Laylashin e make up possa acquistarli anche nei vari tigotà
Non credo che sono l'unica che lo pensa❤️

Grazie di cuore, ci fa tantissimo piacere! I prodotti Laylaskin sono disponibili presso il nostro Layla Store & SPA a Milano in via San Marco 12 e presso numerosi rivenditori (puoi trovare i più vicini a te tramite lo store locator e contattarli per sapere se hanno la linea Laylaskin in negozio), ma speriamo di raggiungerne sempre di più.