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Skin Off

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Skin Off

Exfoliating and perfecting water with 10% natural hydroxy acids. Preparer for face and neck treatments.

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Blue light protection Calming Emollient Evens complexion Exfoliating Firming Genderless Moisturiser Perfector Soothing Strengthening Suitable for pregnant women Suitable for sensitive skin
A daily water that gently exfoliates your skin giving radiance to the complexion. SKIN OFF has 10% natural hydroxy acids (BHA, PHA, AHA) which allow the product to eliminate dead cells from the surface layer of the skin, refining its texture, freeing the pores of impurities. In this way the skin prepares in the best way to receive the products you will use in your LAYLASKIN ritual. Mallow extract has an anti-inflammatory and emollient action. Your skin will be soft, smooth and radiant. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive ones. It should not be applied to the eye contour or to the lip mucosa. 95% natural.
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How to use

It works because it contains

  • COBIO AHA: It is a synergistic complex of Alpha Hydroxyacids reinforced by moisturizing agents. The exfoliation of the keratinized surface layers and hydration are its main activities. Promotes softness and renewal of the surface layers of the epidermis. Cobio αHA improves skin tone and elasticity for a true PRO-AGE action
  • BHA SALICYLIC ACID: Beta hydroxyacid (for friends salicylic acid) helps regenerate skin cells. It works strongly to improve skin affected by acne, pimples and blackheads. BHA dissolves the fat that clogs pores and also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects which are further reasons why it is a perfect product for skin sensitive to redness
  • PHA POLYHYDROXIA ACID GLUCONOCACTONE: Helps improve skin texture . Polyhydroxyacids stimulate skin renewal and are the new generation of AHAs. Gluconolactone (PHA) further improves both the skin& 39;s hydration and its mechanical barrier effectiveness.
  • MALLOW EXTRACT: Anti-inflammatory and emollient. Thanks to its refreshing properties and the mucilage it contains, mallow extract is an excellent emollient for the skin, it also calms irritations and softens the skin. It also has strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and at the same time is delicate with the skin, even the most sensitive ones.
  • BLUE LIGHT PROTECTION: Oily extract of rice and soy. 100% natural active ingredient capable of protecting the skin from immunosuppression induced by UVA radiation by counteracting skin photo-aging and promoting the production of HSP (Heat Shock Proteins) whose task is to recognize, stabilize and metabolise damaged proteins and a protective and revitalizing osmo action on the skin.

Recommendations for use

  • PRO : - Can be used morning and evening and during all 4 seasons. - Your skin will immediately appear brighter - You will feel refreshed and deprived of impurities.
  • CONS : If you have pimples, SKIN OFF is the answer but it might sting for a couple of seconds. Don& 39;t worry, he& 39;s doing great. The skin must be moisturized with MAESTADE to restore the lipid balance. - Avoid contact with the eyes and the mucous membrane of the lips.
  • BABA RECOMMENDS : Use it morning and evening, every day for at least 3 days. Then alternate with the PRO SKIN TONER tonic lotion, you will see what a result! Also try to massage your face with a disk soaked in SKIN OFF with circular movements using medium pressure. If your problem is impurity I suggest you continue your ritual with the EXCELLUM serum.



Guaranteed results

Environmental labeling

  • Bottle : 7 PLASTIC
  • SEPARATE WASTE COLLECTION : Check the provisions of your municipality

How to use

Application method
Use it every day in the evening for a week then every other day. After cleansing your face with VITA MEA, apply 3/4 dosed on a cellulose disk and pass it on the face and neck. Exercise a little friction and always make movements from the bottom up. Insist on the T-zone in order to better treat the impure areas. Your skin is now clean and ready to receive LAYLASKIN serums. Do not use on the eye contour and lip mucosa.
When to use
SKIN OFF can be used morning and evening thanks to its delicate and balanced formula and whenever your skin feels impure and / or you notice a dull and not luminous complexion.
You will see your skin change with the passage of SKIN OFF soaked cotton. A deep cleansing sensation will overwhelm you and your skin will appear ultra-luminous. Its perfume prepares you to welcome all the wonderful LAYLASKIN fragrances.

Guaranteed results

Exfoliating effect *
Increase in exfoliating and keratolytic effect: 40% * Test on 12 volunteers after 14 days of use
Anti-blue light effect *
-Reduction of hyperpigmentation due to to the grape component of sun rays: 60% - Reduction of skin stress caused by radiation: 77% * Test on 30 volunteers after 28 days of use

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anita Krstic
Un prodotto fantastico

Molto soddisfacente . Lascia la pelle del viso pulita e morbida

Grazie mille, ci fa tanto piacere.

Jessica Galante
Ottima acqua esfoliante

Ciao, da quando uso Skin Off vedo la mia pelle realmente migliorata. Ottimo prodotto!

Grazie di cuore, ci fa immenso piacere leggere le tue parole!

La svolta

Ho acquistato skin off anche se non era compreso
nel rituale adatto me, pelle secca .
Penso che abbiamo tutti bisogno di skin off!
Ti cambia la pelle, incarnato Uniforme già dopo un paio di settimane ( e io lo uso a giorni alterni )
La pelle del viso è radiosa.
Per me è immancabile, davvero prestante.

Grazie del tuo riscontro e della tua bellissima recensione, siamo felicissimi di sapere che ti trovi bene con il nostro skin off. Un saluto dal team Layla

Mariagrazia Consiglio

Ottimo prodotto.
Noto la pelle meno porosa!

Grazie del tuo riscontro, siamo felici di sapere che sei soddisfatta.

Luce pura per il viso!

Uso Skin Off una volta al giorno (preferisco la sera) da ormai 10 giorni e la amo moltissimo. Innanzitutto esfolia in maniera delicata e rispettosa per la pelle e poi la mia pelle risplende veramente di una luce nuova. Mai più senza! Grazie LAYLA per questa nuova meraviglia!

Grazie mille per questa tua bellissima recensione, ci fa molto piacere. Leggere le tue parole è per noi il regalo più grande!