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FLUID Alfonso Signorini

FLUID ritual

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FLUID ritual

This is your Fluid ritual.

The combined use of these products guarantees a visible improvement in the health and appearance of the skin. With the complete ritual of the Fluid line, you can expect cleaner, brighter, hydrated and younger skin. This complete system is the ideal solution for those looking for an effective, high-quality skincare routine.

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The Alfonso Signorini Skincare Fluid Ritual is a complete and harmonious beauty journey, ideal for all skin types. Consisting of seven essential products, the ritual combines cleansing, hydration and anti-aging care in a single regime: Cleanse (250ml): Removes make-up and impurities, hydrating with barley extract and jojoba oil. Tone (250ml): Refreshes and brightens with Nio-Trox niosome and barley extract. Illumina (250ml): Gently exfoliates, leaving skin soft and glowing. Moisturizing Serum (30ml): Penetrates deeply with pure collagen for toned skin. Smoothing Serum (30ml): Hydrates and protects with hyaluronic acids and acerola extract. Eye Contour (25ml): Reduces wrinkles and improves brightness. La Mia Crema (50ml): Fights the signs of aging with three hyaluronic acids. This ritual was created to guarantee visible results and reborn skin, thanks to the perfect synergy between the products.
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Deep Cleansing and Hydration:“Cleanse” is the basic first step of this regimen. Its unique formula, enriched with barley extract and jojoba oil, not only effectively removes makeup and impurities, but also provides deep hydration, leaving the skin soft and refreshed.

Delicate Exfoliation and Brightness:"Illumina" works delicately to clear pores of impurities and exfoliate the skin. Containing mallow extract, this product reveals softer, smoother and brighter skin, ready to absorb the benefits of subsequent treatments.

Anti-Aging and Nourishment:"La Mia Crema" effectively combats wrinkles and blemishes. Thanks to its composition rich in plant extracts and three types of hyaluronic acid, it fights the signs of ageing, providing deep nourishment and improving skin elasticity.

Revitalized Eye Contour:The "Roll On Eye Contour" visibly reduces wrinkles and improves the brightness of the skin in the delicate area around the eyes. Its advanced formula ensures a rested appearance and deep hydration.

Deep Hydration and Tonicity:The "Moisturizing Serum" penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, providing a very high concentration of hydrolyzed collagen. This serum makes the skin more elastic, toned and compact.

Protection and Smoothness:The "Smoothing Serum" with its hyaluronic acids, acerola extract and pullulan, offers intense hydration and protects the skin from physical and environmental stress.

Toning and Illumination:Finally, "Tone" with its Nio-Trox niosome and barley extract, completes the regime by cleansing, hydrating and brightening the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant.

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The Fluid Ritual by Layla Cosmetics is a complete and innovative skin care system, designed to meet the needs of healthy, radiant skin. This beauty regime is the result of in-depth research and careful selection of ingredients, aimed at providing the best results for every skin type.

Innovation and Nature: Each product in the Fluid line combines the latest skincare technology with high-quality natural ingredients. Extracts of barley, mallow and other botanical components are selected for their beneficial properties, working in harmony with scientific innovations such as Nio-Trox niosomes and hydrolyzed collagen.

Research and Development: Behind Rituale Fluid there is a constant commitment to research and development. Each formula has been tested and perfected to ensure maximum effectiveness and safety. The combination of active ingredients has been designed to obtain maximum benefit with minimal risk of irritation.

Visible and Lasting Results: The main focus of the Fluid Ritual is to provide visible and long-lasting results. From deep cleansing to intense hydration, from wrinkle reduction to skin brightening, each step of the ritual helps improve the appearance and health of your skin.

Ease of Use and Versatility: Each product has been designed to be easy to use and suitable for all skin types. Whether you have sensitive, oily, dry or combination skin, the Fluid Ritual adapts to your specific needs, offering a personalized skincare solution.

Sustainability and Responsibility: Layla Cosmetics is committed not only to creating effective products, but also to respecting the environment. Sustainability is at the heart of the manufacturing process, with eco-friendly packaging and cruelty-free formulas.

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