A line of hybrid brushes, easy to use and understand.
How many times we don't know how to use the brushes we buy. We don't understand the true potential. The world of brushes is not at all friendly and this is where once again Layla intervenes.

Each brush of the Blending is My Cardio line is explained in depth so that it can be used in the world or in the most correct ways. Brushes are the tools to get your make-up, we can follow courses but without the right tool the techniques learned will not be enough.

The brushes of the Blending is My Cardio line are handmade with the finest quality materials, characterized by two-tone bristles that determine their HYBRID nature.
HYBRID brushes ... yes, because they can be used with both powders and liquid / greasy products. The bristle technology, in fact, is designed to adapt to the cosmetic used. They always guarantee a perfect look and an easy and homogeneous application, avoiding discoloration and stains during make-up operations. You will have the peace of mind to always give the best to your make-up sessions, whether you are a professional or a beginner.

Blending is My Cardio brushes are the result of the latest technological innovations, designed for excellent performance and one superior longevity.

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