My concept of beauty is a delicate balance between our inner world and the image we project on the outside. This principle has inspired every aspect of my collaboration with Layla Cosmetics, a brand that represents the best of Italian excellence in the cosmetics sector.

It is with great pleasure that today I present to you the fruit of our joint work: a skin care line of exceptional quality.

This collection of seven unique products has been carefully designed to offer you a complete range of treatments, each with a specific role in your daily beauty ritual.

Our collaboration is based on a shared passion for wellness and skin care. We have combined my personal vision of the importance of skin care with Layla Cosmetics' profound expertise in formulating high-quality cosmetic products.

The result is a line that reflects my approach to beauty: sophisticated, attentive and always in search of harmony.

We firmly believe in the power of internal and external well-being as a fundamental element for living a full and fulfilling life. Each product in this line has been designed to enhance these aspects, offering moments of pure pleasure and self-care.

My hope is that this skin care line offers you as much satisfaction as it did for me during its creation. May it become a fixed point in your daily routine, a moment to take care of yourself, to relax and to reflect.

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