The company


Traditional enamel since 1936

History, Dedication, Color and Love are the essential and genuine ingredients to be able to describe Layla in just a few words.
A historic recipe that over the years has accompanied cosmetic trends, sometimes anticipating them, to give Italian women colorful emotions.
Company founded in 1936 when Comm. Emanuele Rossetti brought the production of enamel to Italy after a long stay in America.
A lot of work, a lot of desire, to achieve unexpected success in just a few years.

Layla has since become the nail polish brand in Italy and is still synonymous with quality today.
In 1975 Emma Rossetti, daughter of the founder, suddenly found herself at the helm of this wonderful Italian company.
Since then the range of Layla products has continued to grow continuously
adapt to market demands.
Layla is today present on the market with more than 2500 references handcrafted in its Milanese laboratories and is recognized worldwide as synonymous with quality and innovation.
Distributed in the most prestigious retail and professional outlets, Layla also has a flagship store in Via San Marco 12 in Milan.

Emma Rossetti