Traditional nail polish since 1931

History, dedication, color and love are the keywords to describe Layla.
A classic recipe that has accompanied and anticipated the cosmetic trends to give Italian women colored emotions.
The company was founded in 1936 when Mister Emanuele Rossetti started producing nail polish in Italy, something that he had learned during his stay in the USA years before.
A lot of work and passion was needed to reach an unexpected success in very few years.

Since then Layla is the most recognizable nail polish brand in Italy and still today is synonymous of quality.
It was 1975 when Emma Rossetti, daughter of the founder, suddenly found herself at the helm of this extraordinary Italian reality.
Layla’s range has grown and evolved in order to adapt to the market’s everchanging requests.
Nowadays Layla is offering 2500+ items handmade in its factory in Milan and it is recognised worldwide for its quality and innovation.
Distributed throughout the most prestigious retail and professional point of sales, it also has a flagship store in Via Larga 2, right next to the Duomo cathedral of Milan, Italy’s most glamorous city.

Emma Rossetti