Two technologies that come together to create an innovative system.
The meeting between gel and acrylic: Layla has combined the strengths of the two methods most used to produce a third one
LAYLACRYGEL Hybrid & Polygel System.
Reconstruction will never be the same again.
It replaces methods already found on the market guaranteeing technical and visual satisfaction. Its firm and dense consistency will give you the security of a precise application. You can fully enjoy your work because for the first the product time will do only what you want. There will no longer be any problems of product leaking onto the cuticles. There will no longer be any non-existent “C-CURVES”.
LAYLACRYGEL does not stick to the cuticles and the product that sets on the skin will be very easy to eliminate before the polymerisation.
LAYLACRYGEL allows for strong nails and a technically perfect reconstruction right from the first applications. A dream for all nail technicians. A revolution in the field of nail reconstruction. Now you will manage the gel and never again the opposite. For the first time you can work five nails at the same time without the gel oozing onto the cuticles.

The LaylAcrygel range

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Hybrid Formulation

Take the best from acrylic and gel to create a product that is fully odorless and fully free from harmful acids, capable of offering unlimited working times. We have eliminated the dispersion layer excluding the use of the degreaser. Convenience and ease of use are the keywords of this new Layla Cosmetics project. We have eliminated the heat produced by the polymerization for a painless application even on worn out nails.
We have reduced the specific weight of the polymerised product, creating reconstructions that are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Your work will be more pleasing on the nails. We have reduced application times, thus increasing your profits and your free time. We have increased the product’s safety also for the technicians who work with it. Whatever file you use, the powder produced by filing LAYLACRYGEL will be made only of macro particles. This passage in the formulation guarantees 48% less volatile dust in the workplace.

THE MODELING SOLUTION – The perfect partner.

A monomer-free solution
When the brush soaked in the Modeling Solution touches the gel, your dream will begin.
You will realize that you can do anything you want with LAYLACRYGEL.
The combination of the two products will start a method that you have never experienced before. It will melt just enough to be worked easily without ever becoming too liquid and oozing. That will never happen.
The durable and comfortable tube contains 60 ml of LAYLACRYGEL with which you can perform 30 to 50 services depending on the application type.
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