Where to start?

The fundamental products for a successful semi-permanent nail polish are:
Pre gel, primer, base & top shiny, colored gel polish, degreaser, one lamp, multi-purpose stick, file 180/180, buffer.
Nail preparation:
Push back the cuticles and mattify the nails with the buffer
Remove dust residues with a brush
Apply the dehydrating and antifungal pregel
Apply the primer (spread a very light coat, if the nail is too shiny you can dab the excess with a pad)
Gel polish application:
Apply the base & top and cure for 60 seconds in the led lamp.
Proceed in the same way for the color (you can choose whether to do one or more coats depending on the coverage you want, curing each step for 60 seconds).
Seal with the base and top, cure for 60 seconds and degrease with the appropriate degreaser.
Immersion removal:
Buff your nails
Pour the removal solvent into the soaking bowl
Put the nails in immersion for ten minutes and, in the meantime, with the help of the multi-purpose stick, gently remove the nail polish.
Removal with peel off base:
Keep your fingers under running hot water, with the help of the multi-purpose stick lift the nail polish very gently starting from the cuticles.
Wet your nails and the enamel well then, always helping yourself with hot water and the stick, gently lift it.



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